Trial Clerk of Courts

The Office of the Clerk of Courts is the largest division within the Court. The purpose of the Office is to provide assistance and support to Judges and the public in clerical matters. The Office processes all documents filed with the Court, including civil and criminal cases and appeals; traffic and other citations; warrants and Jury summons. It handles vital statistics such as birth, death, and marriage certificates and land transaction documents. The office receives and disburses funds related to court cases such as fines, restitutions and child support payments. The deputy clerks under this office work in the courtroom to record proceedings and provide interpretation when necessary. And finally, the Clerk of Courts handles a vast variety of miscellaneous services from notary and certification of documents to inquiries from parties, attorneys, and the public about court cases or procedures.

Allison Sengebau
Clerk of Courts
Bris Ulechong
Courtroom Clerk/Interpreter II
Biusech F. Tabelual
Courtroom Clerk/Interpreter I
Myla Makka Oimei
Courtroom Clerk/Interpreter I
Sherene Adolf
Courtroom Clerk/Interpreter I
Secretary to Judge Skebong
Sylver Swenny
Clerk II
Madeline Tengeluk
Case Management Coordinator
Efrecia Kazuma
Clerk II
Clarinda S. Alexander
Chamber Clerk
Secretary to Justice Salii
Leia E. Taro
Chamber Clerk
Secretary to Justice Materne
Viola Stephanus
Chamber Clerk
Secretary to Justice Rudimch
B. Rengeldil Skilang
Clerk I
Ikrebai Blesam
Chamber Clerk
Betrue Ochebirang Sasao
Chambers Clerk, COCP
Alaveanda Alfonso
Courtroom Clerk/Interpreter I
Phone: (680) 488-2607/3331/4979(Koror);(680) 767-2607(Ngerulmud)
Fax: (680) 488-2708(Koror);(680) 767-2606(Ngerulmud)
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM