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Press Release No. 158: Publication of 'A Review Of The 2019 / 2020 Family Law & Family Protection Act Court User Survey'
Press Release No. 157: Re: The Palau Judiciary is pleased to welcome on-island Court Counsel, Mr. Fatjon Kaja
Press Release No.156: Re: Updated Rules of Appellate and Criminal Procedure
Press Release #155: Re: The passing of Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong
Press Release #154: On October 27, 2022, Fred Mitchell Isaacs was administered the oath of office as an Associate Justice of the Appellate Division followed by G. Midth Bells as the Senior Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
Press Release #153 : Re: The Palau Judiciary is pleased to welcome its new Administrative Director Kenneth T. Uyehara and Court Counsel, Ms. Alexane Welsch.
2021 Court Annual Report
Judiciary Administrative Directive No. 22-003: Amending COVID-19 Measures in Light of MHHS Directive 100-22
Press Release #152: Re: The Palau Judiciary is pleased to welcome on-island two Court Counsel, Ms. Hannah Morrissy and Mr. William B. Davis
Press Release # 151: The Palau Judiciary, in collaboration with the Pacific Justice Sector Programme (PJSP), held a two-day workshop for staff for the Palau Judiciary, Victims of Crimes Office (VOCA), Ministry of Health & Human Services (MHHS) Staff and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) on “Interviewing Family Violence Petitioners and Assisting People with Disabilities.”
2022 Court Annual Report 2019 / 2020 Family Law and Family Protection Cases in Palau
VA 23-1 Staff Attorney Vacancy 2021 Court Annual Report
Vacancy - Associate Judge of the Land Court 2020 Court Annual Report (updated)
Court Annual Report 2019 Vacancy - Associate Judge of Court of Common Pleas
COVID-19 Administrative Directive No. 20-03 Standing Order - Court of Common Pleas
Standing Order - Land Court Standing Order - Trial Division
Standing Order - Appellate Division COVID-19 Directive No. 20-02
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Court Annual Report 2014 Application for Employment